A Passion for Barbie - If I Knew Then What I Know Now



Front and Side views vintage 1959 Barbie

When I was little, I desperately wanted a Barbie - the original bathing suit, pony-tailed Barbie from 1959.  I liked the fact that she didn't look like the typical children's' dolls of the time with toddler-like bodies and faces; she had a mannequin's body, and her face had a sophisticated, almost haughty look.  I wanted to be a fashion designer, and I thought she would be wonderful to design clothes for.  Unfortunately, my mother wasn't willing to buy me a Barbie because she didn't think her adult appearance was appropriate for a children's doll.

Then, as an adult, I started collecting artist dolls. I used to go to doll and teddy bear shows when they were more plentiful.  There I found dealers who specialized in vintage Barbies and people who collected them.  I did find some of the original 1959 Barbies but, now they cost about $3000.00 and I couldn't afford one.  If I could have looked into the future and seen that I would still want a Barbie when I grew up - I would have really pestered my mom until she gave into me.

I gave up on getting one of the original Barbies, but have recently been ogling the 50 year anniversary Barbies that are reproductions of the first bathing suit Barbies.  Maybe I'll finally get my Barbie, after all.