Artist Bear Pattern Now in Ellifolks Etsy Shop


Hello,  I have moved to a new Squarespace site for my website and blog and have reopened my Etsy shop.

Lucien Artist Bear pattern is now in my Etsy shop.  He is a downloadable PDF pattern that includes three PDFs - a 24 page detailed instructions PDF, the pattern pieces PDF, and a 4 page Materials and Supplies resource list PDF.


The pattern was fun to create.  I used Adobe Illustrator for the diagrams and got a lot of practice using the pen tool.  Here is a video showing some basic Illustrator pen tool techniques.  Tracing a simple image is a good way to practice getting comfortable with Illustrator's pen tool.  I placed a photo on the bottom layer in Illustrator and drew on two layers above it.  Locking a layer you are not using protects it from having anything accidentally changed, deleted, or added to it. The small blue circle on the screen appears whenever I am clicking on dragging the cursor on the screen.

When I say "option/click", it means to hold down the option key on the keyboard while you click the cursor on the screen with your mouse or track-pad.