Blogs Around the World - How to Read Wonderful Blogs in Other Languages

I love reading all kinds of craft blogs and especially enjoy learning about artists from other countries.  Until recently if a blog was in another language and didn't have a translation option, I would pore over the images and try to guess what the blogger might be saying.  Finally I found a Google translation bookmark that can be added to your favorites and will translate any page by clicking on it there.  The link is here.

Just pick the button for the language you want to translate to and drag it into your favorites in the sidebar.  Then when you find a blog in another language, click on the bookmarklet in your sidebar and it will translate the blog for you.  If you click on "older posts" on the blog, the next page will be translated also. The English translation definitely is good enough to give you the idea of what they are saying.

Here are some blogs in other languages that I have been able to enjoy using the Google translate bookmarklet:


Lolita Blahnik

Sara Morante

Japan Couture Addicts

Vintage traeume

Takiyaje Live Journal

AK Doll OOAK Doll