Morgan Jeans - a Jean Journey


For my first pair of jeans, I checked out various jeans patterns on the internet and picked Morgan Jeans by Closet Case Patterns. I love the boyfriend style and Closet Case Patterns has a reputation for such quality patterns.  I made the jeans for my daughter, Sophie.

Making the jeans was a big project.  I took Heather's "Sew Your Dream Jeans" online course and it was a wonderful class.  The class is a video course, and she goes step by step so you see the whole process.  She goes into a great deal of detail, and covers tips for getting a good fit, goes carefully over any difficult or confusing construction techniques, so the class is very easy to follow.  I highly recommend the class.

Something I did that was helpful to me was to use Wash-away Wondertape for temporarily gluing down the turned under back pocket facings and seam allowances for sewing the pocket top stitching and then for holding the pockets in place for sewing to the jeans back.

Wondertape strips on pocket facing

Wondertape strips on pocket facing

The front of the jeans in progress -


Inside front of jeans in progress -


I used a Hong Kong seam finish for the raw edge of the fly shield and a vintage flower cotton for the front pockets.