Illustration Friday - Glow

Illustration Friday - Glow This week's Illustration Friday topic is "Glow". This was created using the SketchClub app on the iPad. I saw Unihorse's wonderful Sketch Club app vector tool tutorial and have been experimenting with it.  It's a lot of fun, but takes a little getting used to.

SketchClub has a recording feature that can record your painting as you create it.  you can see a video recording of some of the work with the vector tool I did for on the "glow" painting on YouTube here.


Illustration Friday - Highlight

The "highlight" of Josie and Ralph's day was sitting in the parlor together watching the boats come back into harbor before dinner.

I decided to do participate in this week's Illustration Friday "Highlight" challenge using my new IPad and some IPad art apps.  For this little sketch, I used IDraw, a vector drawing program for the drawing and Art Rage, a  paint program for the color.  I'm having so much fun drawing on the IPad. Will write more about it in some future posts.

Illustration Friday - "We're Similar!"


The Illustration Friday  topic this week is "similar".  It  made me think of how people can tend to avoid others who are different from them.

"We're Similar!" is inspired by memories of the way the social system at grade school worked when I was little (still does?), and how children who were different in some way or didn't have clothes that were as nice as the others were ostracized.

Illustration Friday - Clutter

clutter - after a hard day's work
clutter - after a hard day's work

The topic for this week's Illustration Friday is "clutter". I'm late getting this entered. I couldn't decide about coloring it, but decided to keep it black and white.

Tilly (my daughter's favorite name when she was little) had a hard day at work, took off her socks and boots, threw down her books, and collapsed in a corner with a bowl of walnuts.