A New Ellifolks Teddy, Rabbit and Chick, and Four Art Prints in Etsy Shop


Two new Ellifolks critters are now in my Etsy shop along with two new art prints.

Johnson, a mohair artist bear is hand dyed and hand shaded to give a rich, vintage coloring. I used a sparse mohair for Johnson to add to the vintage look and feel.  He has one glass eye with a wool felt edging and one vintage shoe button eye ringed with a red embroidered circle. His circle nose is embroidered with pearl cotton thread. He is stuffed with excelsior and cotton batting.


Harriet Rabbit and Sam are a hand dyed and hand shaded pale pink rabbit and a hand dyed and hand shaded pale green chick both made of sparse German mohairs.

Harriet Rabbit is approximately 8" tall including ears and is cotter-pin jointed for a vintage feel. She is wearing a needle-felted purple polka dot hat with cotton lace trim. She has German glass eyes and a pearl cotton embroidered nose and mouth. She is stuffed with excelsior and cotton batting. She has steel shot in her tummy to give her a nice weight.

Sam Chick is approximately 4 1/4" tall including his purple glass bead legs and feet. He has a needle-felted comb and beak and German glass eyes. He is stuffed with excelsior.


"Boy With Dog" is a fine art giclée print of one of my original color pencil and digital paintings.  I did a drawing with color pencils and then scanned it into my computer.  I colored it in Procreate using many layers and types of digital brushes.


"Girl With Poodle and Flowers" is a fine art giclée print of one of my original mixed media/acrylic paintings. This was painted on a  cradled wood panel.  I started with a very textured layer of gesso and incorporated the texture into the painting.  I also used pencil and color pencils in the painting.


"Sail" is a digital painting I made in Illustrator.  I like the combination of the clean, flat shapes with gradient color.


"Dolls with Donuts" is a digital painting I made in Illustrator. 

Please come visit me in my shop! :)

New Digital Paintings in Ellifolks Etsy Shop



I have added two digital paintings to my Etsy shop.   This painting is titled "Shopping". It was painted on my ipad using the Procreate painting app. You can visit its Etsy page here.

Susie's Midday Dreaming
Susie's Midday Dreaming

This painting is "Susie's Daytime Dreaming". It was also painted on my ipad using Art Rage and Procreate apps. You can visit its Etsy page here.

New Prints in Ellifolks Etsy Shop

I have added three new prints to my Etsy Shop. In the Afternoon print

"In the Afternoon" is a digital painting made on the iPad.  It includes some of my favorite subject matter - a chair and flowers, and has a feeling of calm relaxing in the midst of some chaos.  Here is it's Etsy page.

Get Down Cat print

"Get Down Cat!" is a digital painting also made on the iPad.  Again there is a chair and flowers.  A mischievous cat is not about to give up her comfy spot on the back of the chair. Here is it's Etsy page.

6 Doll Heads - photo collage print

"6 Doll Heads" started out as a photo of one of my original dolls taken with my iPhone.  I manipulated the photo in several photo editing apps and combined six images into one iphoneography photo collage.  Here is its Etsy page.


New Acrylic and Digital Painting Prints in Etsy Shop

Circus Dreams

Circus Dreams

I have added two prints to my Etsy shop"Circus Dreams"started with an acrylic painting for the background.  It was scanned into my computer and transferred to my iPad.  I used the paint app, Procreate to create the rest of the imagery.  Then I used two photography apps, Halftone and Blender to get the final image.

The second print, "Girl with Saucer Flowers", is a digital print made on the iPad using the paint app, Procreate.

I like to use many layers and a variety of brushes to get depth and complexity in my digital paintings.  I'd love to have you come take a look.

Girl with Saucer Flowers