Teddybear Extravaganza Online Show - Preview Today 4:00P.M.


I am excited to be participating in the Teddybear Extravaganza Online Show, which will run March 21 - 23.  There will be 75 international bear artists participating.

Here is Remy, my preview bear.  He is a OOAK (one of a kind) 6 1/4" tall jointed bear and is made of   Schulte mohair that I hand dyed.  You can vote for him or any of the other preview bears as your favorite here.

New Digital Paintings in Ellifolks Etsy Shop



I have added two digital paintings to my Etsy shop.   This painting is titled "Shopping". It was painted on my ipad using the Procreate painting app. You can visit its Etsy page here.

Susie's Midday Dreaming
Susie's Midday Dreaming

This painting is "Susie's Daytime Dreaming". It was also painted on my ipad using Art Rage and Procreate apps. You can visit its Etsy page here.

Oona Ellibeans in Ellifolks Etsy Shop

Oona Ellibeans, a little whimsical mohair doll is now available in my Etsy Shop.  You can see her here.

Oona is hand dyed and shaded.  She has a super big mohair head, a crooked smile, and a ffluffy mohair skirt.  Oona sports cotton floss pigtails.  her eyes are vintage mother of pearl buttons.  Oona has hand dyed wool felt arms that are thread jointed.  Her legs are purple hand dyed wool felt.  Please come visit her!

Wookie, Whimsical Mohair Panda in Etsy Shop


Wookie, a whimsical mohair panda in now in my Etsy shop. Wookie is made of sparse hand-dyed mohairs. He has one glass eye bordered with a wool felt flower and one orange vintage button eye ringed with a red embroidered circle. He is about 4 3/4" tall and is wearing a linen cord collar with a rusty jingle bell.

You can see Wookie here. Please come visit if you get a chance.  Wookie has been adopted.




New Print, Meadowland, in Etsy Shop

I just added my first print of one of my paintings to my Etsy shop.  The original is an acrylic/mixed media painting on hot press watercolor paper, done in many layers and incorporating pencil and water-soluble oil pastels, too.  I will be adding more prints shortly.

I have to thank Mindy Murphy Lacefield for her wonderful online class, "Paint Your Story".  If you get a chance to take it, I highly recommend it.  She really gives you the tools and encouragement to find freedom in your art.


Sullivan New Miniature Mohair Bear in Etsy Shop

I have added my new little Sullivan, a hand dyed and hand shaded miniature mohair bear, to my Etsy shop.  Sullivan is 3 1/4" tall and is dyed a pretty ochre color.  He is made of a sparse Schulte German mohair with hand shaded detailing.

Sullivan has big brown glass eyes and a distressed grey-blue silk ribbon scarf.  He would love for you to visit him on his Etsy page here.

W.I.P. - Work in Progress, New Teddy and Rabbit

Here are two new critters, works-in-progress.  The first is a hand-dyed mohair teddy being stuffed with excelsior.

And here is a hand-dyed wool rabbit that I have pinned together to get a better idea of how it will look when finished.  I have eyes temporarily placed and am trying out nose thread colors.

It's so much fun when the pieces get to the place where their personality begins to show through. :)

Website Up - Using Dreamweaver and Illustrator

I finally got my website, ellifolks.com, up and working.  It's here, if you would like to take a look.  I designed the site in Dreamweaver.  The graphics were made in Adobe Illustrator, and then were saved "for web and devices" as gifs.  Graphics can be added to Dreamweaver from inside the root site folder there.  I think Dreamweaver has a pretty steep learning curve, and am just starting to get the feel for it.  The lynda.com videos were very helpful, as was the book Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Hands-On Training by Garrick Chow taken from the lynda.com Dreamweaver CS3 videos.

A blobby shape is refined by redrawing pencil lines in Adobe Illustrator. The first drawing shows the original drawing in Illustrator. The second drawing shows a revised version after redrawing the left side. The third drawing is the revised version after redrawing the right side. The fourth drawing has a face and ears added to the final revised face shape. Here I have "edit selected paths" checked and "within _ pixels" set to 12. You can play around with the settings to see the different effects you can get.

When drawing in Illustrator, I usually use the pencil.  I like that you can adjust lines that are selected by redrawing them.  The old line is then automatically replaced with the new one.  This is a lot faster than erasing and redrawing with a pencil and paper.  It only works for new lines or lines selected with the arrow tool that are within the distance you have set in the pencil tool preferences.  (Double click on pencil tool or hit "enter" on keyboard when pencil tool is active to bring up the pencil tool preferences.)  You can also manually select any line, and the pencil tool can then redraw it.