W.I.P. (Works in Progress) -- Waiting for some Parts

W.i.p. bear

Well, here are some works in progress.  The first little teddy made of the the softest, yummy German Schulte mohair is waiting for his stainless steel shot tummy ( in a little muslin bag).  I had to redo the little tummy bag for a shape that gives him better balance for sitting nicely.  The rest of his body will be stuffed with excelsior and cotton batting.  He also still needs to have his paws trimmed and his claws embroidered.  He does have ears -- but, they don't show well from the angle I shot the photo.

w.i.p. kitty

And here is a sweet little kitty made of a sparse, matted German Helmbold mohair.  I hand painted her glass eyes, and she is waiting for them to be sewn in (and have her head jointed to the body!)  Her tail will be wired and sewn on also and her claws embroidered.  Her arms are wired for holding things and her ears are hand-shaded wool felt.