Emaline - New Miniature Mohair Artist Bear in Etsy Shop

emaline-sidefrontarm-blog Emaline, a new Ellifolks miniature mohair teddy bear is now in my Etsy shop.  Emaline is 2 1/2" tall.  She is wearing a handmade skirt of lace trim and a bead necklace of vintage glass beads.  She has a peach-colored vintage millinery flower by her ear.


She is all hand stitched, and I dyed and shaded her red mohair.  You can see her here.



Sullivan New Miniature Mohair Bear in Etsy Shop

I have added my new little Sullivan, a hand dyed and hand shaded miniature mohair bear, to my Etsy shop.  Sullivan is 3 1/4" tall and is dyed a pretty ochre color.  He is made of a sparse Schulte German mohair with hand shaded detailing.

Sullivan has big brown glass eyes and a distressed grey-blue silk ribbon scarf.  He would love for you to visit him on his Etsy page here.

New Bear, Aleph, in Etsy Shop -- New Rabbit, Alice, on BearPile

I have two new critters available for adoption.

Aleph is the first of my new Min-elli series.  He is 4 1/2" tall of a sparse Schulte mohair that I dyed  and hand shaded.   He is wearing a copper and sterling silver chain collar.  His limbs are cotter-pin jointed.  He is available here in my Etsy shop.

Alice is a hand dyed rabbit of a sparse German mohair that I dyed and hand shaded.  She is wearing a skirt made of vintage lace trim and a vintage lace trim scarf.  She is holding a vintage millinery carrot.  She is cotter-pin jointed.  She is available here on BearPile.

Winnie at Bear Pile

I just joined Bear Pile and plan to add more bears there regularly.

Winnie is my first bear up for adoption at Bear Pile.  She is 8 1/2" tall and is made of German mohair that I hand-dyed and hand-shaded.  She is wearing a handmade skirt of vintage lace and eyelet, a handmade necklace with a vintage vegetable ivory bead, and a vintage rayon bow by her ear.  She is cotter pin jointed and stuffed with excelsior and cotton batting.  She has a small muslin bag with stainless and steel shot in her tummy for a nice weight.  She is very loose jointed for a vintage feel, but can stand with help.

You can visit Winnie here.

Thomas - new mohair Bear in Etsy Shop

Thomas I have added Thomas, a new mohair bear, to my Etsy shop.  Please check him out.



Thomas is a reddish-brown bear made of sparce, distressed German mohair and has  glass eyes with wool felt bordering.  He has a primitive, vintage style and  is hand dyed and hand shaded.  He is wearing a vintage rayon ribbon scarf fastened with a vintage vegetable ivory underwear button.  He is 8 ″ tall.  You can see his Etsy page here.