W.I.P. - Some Needlefelting


I've been working on some needlefelted companions for my critters.  This one is a runner duck.  I first saw them a few years ago at a 4-H Fair and loved their unusual shape.  I felted the wool roving until it was pretty hard.  The legs have a copper wire through them that I pushed up into the body.  He's not quite finished -- he will have glass eyes, and I want to bring the white down onto the legs a bit for a more natural join.


 This one is a dog I'm working on.  He's from one of my doodle drawings that I used to make an eraser carving.  He has a wire armature and will have glass eyes and hand coloring added.   The back leg armature already has the floral tape wrapped around it so the felting will cling to it better than the bare wire.  When he's done, I'll show the dog along with his eraser-carved print.